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Title: honest feedback
Post by: emrys on May 15, 2012, 04:57:55 AM
Starting to do some recording- any feedback about the songs is welcome.  Try to listen on good speakers.


Title: Re: honest feedback
Post by: Sparrisen on May 15, 2012, 08:54:55 AM
I'm going to listen to more of them, I just listened to the first two now.

So far
1: Interesting.
2: I try to imagine a point of time where I would "Yes, I would like to listen to this right now", and as such I would classify this as "inspirational music", a step more demanding on your attention than pure meditative music. The songs vary too much in tempo, volume and sound to let your mind totally relax to it, but the individual pieces seen on their own contains that peace.
3: From a musician's perspective it sounds like refined jamming. It's got a typical structure of one guy trying something, other people chiming in, repeat repeat until that new idea is realized, someone trying something else -repeat.
4: That space where you can be almost meditating to this is probably the same space where you could add a singer if you'd want more pull.

Title: Re: honest feedback
Post by: emrys on May 16, 2012, 06:41:30 AM
Great.  I agree with many of your points and hope you get a chance to listen to the other tracks.

Title: Re: honest feedback
Post by: Nightmare on May 16, 2012, 07:09:20 AM
I quickly went through a couple of clips and liked what I heard.

Unfortunately that is the extent of my music knowledge, so can't give better feedback than that.

Title: Re: honest feedback
Post by: Faro on May 16, 2012, 14:40:32 PM
I also listened to the first two. Not on good speakers, my smart phone. Nevertheless, I enjoyed both, my first impression was "oh cool, Rush 2112" that's a good thing IMO at one time I lived and breathed Rush. Eventually, the song (Bombardier I think) started getting a bit monotonous. I think it begs for lyrics to keep it interesting.
The second song actually had me moving to the beat (semi dancing I guess). Again lyrics would be cool, but I liked nightclub enough to rename it Lemon the SB and build a simple story around it. Naturally I killed you off in the end. I'll listen to the others as well.

Title: Re: honest feedback
Post by: HalfwayToHell on May 16, 2012, 20:41:42 PM
wouldn't be able to give any sort of helpful criticism/feedback im afraid.

Not my type of music. :(

Title: Re: honest feedback
Post by: Sparrisen on May 16, 2012, 21:19:36 PM
Listened to
Aves and Diplomatic means

I liked them better. They both sounded more coherent and deliberate/purpuseful. I might add them to my list of songs that I play when I study: Songs that keep me focused but don't mess with me.

I think of them both I liked diplomatic means the best: My problem with this one was the extreme focus on one speaker making me go really twisted in my head, since i was listening on earphones, in my case, all the sound went into my left ear, during the intro for example.

Note that I just listened to each one of these songs just once, and this is my first time impression. If I like them better, it could also be that I'm getting accustomed to the music style.

I also asked the drummer in my band to rate your drumming^^ I can't judge it on my own since I don't play drums. It sounds complicated. It's very prominent. And I just started listning actively to different drummers.
I'm starting to have the opinion that the lead instruments mislead the listeners attention, while the bass and drums manage the actual kill, and seduce the listeners emotions while they're distracted. Your front-style of drumming, I don't know if it taps into that animalistic vibe, since it captures the attention all on it's own. (or it could be that I just started focusing on it)

Title: Re: honest feedback
Post by: emrys on May 17, 2012, 02:05:20 AM
This is great stuff.  Thank you all who have and haven't offered input.  To Nightmare and H2H, even experiential input like that is very helpful, so thank you.  To Faro, yes I would describe the music as sort of 'cinematic', and thus the emergence of a storyline for the music is ideal.  The fact that you kill The Lemon in the end is, I think, not entirely unrealistic and at the same time a complete fantasy, a paradox which I enjoy.  To Sparr, again I agree about the purposefulness of these songs compared to the others.  I experience the role of the instruments in a similar way as well- to me, the guitar offers more 'outer sphere' or ambient content (despite being the 'lead' instrument), and hence the importance of listening on good speakers, because the bass and drums really carry the compositions.  We are toying with the idea of lyrics, but they may only show up in future compositions.

Either way, thanks all for giving a listen.  It occurs to me now that the ds community feedback is among the limited feedback I'm actually interested in knowing or hearing about, which is curious.  Ideally one of these songs will make it onto the next glogifest soundtrack and I will be there to witness it.  Good luck to all.

Title: Re: honest feedback
Post by: Sparrisen on May 17, 2012, 10:40:24 AM
0.20 Sigma is disturbingly much alike one previous song (don't remember which)

EDIT: Also I've been using this music as focusing music while studying now, and 0.20 sigma was the only point where I "woke up" and lost focus.

Title: Re: honest feedback
Post by: emrys on May 23, 2012, 12:56:05 PM
Noted.  Yes, the chord interval at the end of Sigma is, though in a different key, the same interval at the end of Diplomatic Means- something which I adamantly protested but we went with band majority on that one.  Good pickup.  Hopefully the music can continue to function as 'focusing music' without waking you up too much.  Thanks again.

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