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Title: Seeker-Build
Post by: Brummy on February 28, 2009, 18:42:18 PM
Well i need a better seeker build anyhow. A gvg seeker build if possible. My seeker  build which i just got on my seeker sucks a lot anyhow. Would be cool if everyone could post his/her favourite seeker-build. I know there are different builds for 5v5 or 8v8 but pls post ur build u use usually.

Title: Re: Seeker-Build
Post by: Oynamak on February 28, 2009, 18:50:09 PM
Fury 12
Bombard 12
Taunt 8
BC 1
KB 12
BR 5

for Gvgs. Bombard to kill 'em while bigger fights, stuns, CE's and so on.. Bullrush/fury/BC for offensive, and taunt/KB makes to slow temp,relic-carrier or for defending your temp. I tell you, KB 12 and taunt hurts. do it like this. and for smaller games you can cancel taunt, lower KB and use MJ lvl 12. its cool. or you take taunt lvl 4, KB lvl 9 and BR lvl 12, for ultra bullrush, kinda.

thats how I'd do it, i love being seeka in gvg ;D

Title: Re: Seeker-Build
Post by: Brummy on February 28, 2009, 19:01:29 PM
Hmm the problem is: It doesnt make very much dmg.. I mean it makes dmg on time but it takes lots of time till it starts dealing dmg.. tested a similar build

Title: Re: Seeker-Build
Post by: Oynamak on February 28, 2009, 19:11:53 PM
IMO its best for Gvgs. It can deal ALOT of dmg with a well placed bombard, or in fury.. and its also a good support build (KB 12 slow 'em very much, and taunt is good for defending some1, stop relic carrier, or you taunt some1 and your reaver flurry or smth else, atleast he can't defend himself and he die.)
If you got a good team in gvgs, this build can deal lot of dmg and is very supportive.

Also, in around 10-15 seconds you're in fury (probably), then you deal enough dmg.. in gvgs you dont really need BC 12, or AB (or just in smaller games).. its the build to go with imo.

it deals enough dmg. just Fury, Bullrush, KB and attack, and use BC so that it won't be interruped, then you got full fury, and you can attack, KB(lvl 12,rox) and taunt 'em (full fury and KB 12 hurts alot).. this rox. tested it in several ( well, almost all) Gvgs, and it works. kannst du mir glauben ;D

Title: Re: Seeker-Build
Post by: Brummy on February 28, 2009, 19:45:44 PM
Well ok. I will give it a try

Title: Re: Seeker-Build
Post by: Waihirere on February 28, 2009, 22:42:35 PM
Taunt 4
Bullrush 12
Fury 12
Bombard 12
KB 9
BC 1

This was my GvG (and public, I usually only play GvG valid builds) build.

Bombard to stay back and support the team first (huge amount of free damage from afar, perhaps the best damage skill in the game in a sense), bullrush to join the fight (free damage and long knockdown), BC for interrupts (so I can bullrush all the time without having to worry about having interrupts ready), Fury for killing and KB to slow down the target so it doesn't get away from my fury. Finally taunt to hold targets for teammates and ensure opponents do not run away, plus of course for defending my teammates (taunting rushers helps to keep the templar alive).

Do note that with this build you can't go toe-to-toe against a max damage combat seeker. You have to be smart. Go in, give some hits and bullrush out to take another target. Retreat to bombard when necessary. Move, move, move; never be a stationary target if you can avoid it.