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: Arr! Creative!
: Sparrisen June 13, 2009, 22:19:40 PM
I wouldn't call myself intelligent. I have a brother who's intelligent. If I ask him a question he cannot answer it's either about chicks or fighting. (well, he would probably whip up a few theories anyhow)

I'm more like. Figuring out what's best and doing that. Like "This is my tools, how can I bes achieve my goal, as efficcient as possible?" (thinking inside the box, versus outside of the box I guess)

In this particulair case, my goal is to save dishes. (I always eat from the boiling pot btw.)

I was faced with the problem of Pasta Negro. My modified recepie, taken into consideration health and being poor looks like
 Fried eggs (the yellow should be raw!) and carrots
Lots of pepper (hence "negro")

I've toiled with this for DAYS now. My frying pan is defective, the eggs just stick to it and burn, and frying in my boiling pot (or wussname) yields the same result. It just sticks. Frustrating. Not only does it burn valuable protein, it's also a PAIN to DISH.

The dashing solution:

First, you fry the carrots in the saucer, spice with curry and use wholesome oil. Add water and spagetti and set to boil, and THEN crack two eggs on your plate, and use your plate as a lid. The eggs will be done just in time for the spagetti to be ready:D If you then pour the eggs down the sacuer, or the spagetti upon the eggs is a matter of preference. I like eating from the saucer. I think saucer is the wrong word too btw. But whatever.

You will need ONLY one plate, one fork and one saucer. No extra dishes. No fryinpan involved. No burnt stuck eggs. And the eggs will be such a wonder! Like cook-fried! no chance of burning these!

Egg based spaggeti timer!

: Re: Arr! Creative!
: Nightmare June 13, 2009, 22:50:34 PM
How do you manage to burn eggs?

But nice thinking there anyways *thumbs up*.

: Re: Arr! Creative!
: Waihirere June 14, 2009, 05:38:46 AM
If you call that thinking inside of the box, I really want to see what your thinking outside of the box is like  ;D

: Re: Arr! Creative!
: Cos June 14, 2009, 10:36:53 AM
great solution :DD

btw. you are not allowed to play whit food

: Re: Arr! Creative!
: Sparrisen June 16, 2009, 05:31:26 AM
Burnt eggs was the result of a frying pan which I don't suspect really is a fryingpan. I think for example, making pancakes in this would be EPIC fail.

And well, for example, when doing math, I kinda go through with rough force and super-calculate my way through, while my brother is like "Meh", and figures out some nice frigging off beat solution that really doesn't require much calculation at all, but rather just a lot of text explaining what the hell he did.

"Oh, I just did like this" could be an answer to something I've been working on for an hour.

: Re: Arr! Creative!
: Cos June 16, 2009, 14:04:55 PM
pancake hmm from that i got an idea - how about oven? (like pancake)

: Re: Arr! Creative!
: Hullu June 16, 2009, 16:34:30 PM
Cos, you're genious!

: Re: Arr! Creative!
: Cos June 16, 2009, 16:42:30 PM
only rarely

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