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Title: Read me
Post by: johan on September 04, 2008, 14:05:52 PM
How to use it
If you already have a patched Dawnspire then just download this file (http://dawnspire.tinyrocket.se/patch.zip) and unpack it to the directory where you installed Dawnspire.

If you need to reinstall it then download the new Community installer (http://www.filefront.com/13887838). You won't need the patch if you use this.

Login / Registration
The Community Master Server has been integrated with the Community Forums. Use the same username and password as you have on the forum.

Hosting a server
Is the server list empty? Then why don't you host a server. If you want it ranked then create a new thread name 'Ranked server' containing your server name in the 'Help desk' forum.

Found a bug?
Found something that is not working on this page or some missing functionality? Post a message on the forums and i will look into it.

If you need a guild forum then post a topic in the 'Help desk' forum with the subject 'Guild Create Forum'. Include the name of the guild and all your members in the post.