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1  Dawnspire / General Discussion / Re: BH vs UA GvG on: July 27, 2013, 06:44:20 AM
I've been in hospital for far too long, finally starting to recover. I suffered severe trauma from a car accident, thus I never posted anything to this thread.
2  Dawnspire / General Discussion / Re: BH vs UA GvG on: January 02, 2013, 00:07:53 AM
Swiss, shut up and take my free time.  Grin

Start being active in skype bro.

Date suggestion (will make a poll later)
5th of this month, 17.00 GMT 0. (that's 18.00 GMT +1 (sweden) and 19.00 GMT +2 (Finland))
3  Dawnspire / General Discussion / Re: BH vs UA GvG on: December 26, 2012, 22:25:02 PM
Well then, should we agree on some date for this event? + I'd really like to have you guys on skype to make this easier for me and everyone. Or if someone already has created a DS group in Skype add me to it. Would be a lot easier to discuss the matter in realtime conversations than just in these forums.

Personally I'm always free on weekends, during the week (if I do not have a day off) I'm away from home from the morning all the way to the evening.

Do you guys have any idea if you are able to participate in this event during January? Possibly we could try to arrange the match during one of the weekends in January, please throw in some suggestions which are the best for you.
It would be in great importance that the dates you suggest are something you can actually hang on to, due to the fact if 1 or 2 or 3 persons are missing from the match, it may be pretty much ruined :p So try to be as accurate as possible.

Personally I was thinking a match with best of 5 RC and(or) best of 5 SD matches. Would this be something you'd enjoy? Other than that we would be using the basic GvG rules. At least I would like to spend anything from 1 hour to 4 or 5 hours playing DS, how do you feel about this?

So in a nutshell, please advice us all with some dates you are most likely able to play with us (Evening times) and lets try to find a date which satisfies us all. Be aware that some of us may have to be flexible with the times to make this happen, so if you are in a situation where you can easily arrange a time to play, take it in consideration.

Also if there are people interested in playing intense PvP with me or just for fun - Forge Online and Arena-tournament.com are the places you should go to. Arena Tournament is the leader WoW private server with real support from best players, cash prizes in tourneys etc. Forge is an straight forward FPS game with RPG elements and DS' idea.

- Swiss
4  Dawnspire / General Discussion / Re: BH vs UA GvG on: December 14, 2012, 08:44:38 AM
Nightmare, oyna - You guys for instance, do you have some remaining contacts? Would be really awesome to get Henrik etc to play with us. Anyways contact everyone you can. 3v1 is fair is SirTeo is playing.
5  Dawnspire / General Discussion / BH vs UA GvG on: December 12, 2012, 22:07:45 PM
First of all, the reason I'm implying "BH vs UA" is because seems like there are some people from those guilds still "active".
Could gather people from other guilds such as TT etc. to go and make that one more epic GvG match up. A long evening dedicated only for Dawnspire. I'm pretty sure by now everyone reading this has a clear view what I'm after.

That intensity, electric atmosphere with real rivalry going on.. aah, those times.
As a past Second leader of UA, I demand a rematch Wink

Add me on skype:
Finland (Jani Ojala)

And send me a message. I'll review them asap. and IF ONLY IF people start appearing and adding me to skype I will start arranging this.

6  Dawnspire / General Discussion / Re: Dawnspire History on: December 12, 2012, 21:57:36 PM
Indeed, simply the best game I've ever player myself. Currently paying Forge online. Similar idea to Dawnspire.
7  Dawnspire / General Discussion / I was away - Sorry about that on: July 18, 2010, 19:04:54 PM
I was face to face with e-criminals for the past 1 month. My computer holds important data of Anders Inno company which was tried to be stolen. I have everything changed now from ISP and DDS Tongue

I'm extremely happy to see that something has been made. the Mod pack is an awesome idea - Great thanks to everyone who contributed to it.

I have also lost all files pointing to dawnspire. This means all the modifications, prestarted maps and everything I was planning are gone.

Restart of these plans will approximently start during the next week if I get the time. Yet again, I'm sorry for all this and making you wait for nothing.

8  Dawnspire / General Discussion / Re: Restarting development of Dawnspire (?) on: June 02, 2010, 16:26:51 PM
Yeah Tongue What Nightmare said Cheesy
9  Dawnspire / General Discussion / Live AI test today 02.06.-10. on: June 02, 2010, 05:55:45 AM
Hey everyone

I'm setting a live test for AI and renewed bots.

Everyone feel free to join it.

Estimated: GMT +2 18.00 ->
10  Dawnspire / General Discussion / Re: Restarting development of Dawnspire (?) on: May 29, 2010, 12:23:15 PM
I'm pointing an ETA here now to release all server side functionalities in my server:

This will include:
New relic "eye" system
Whole new object detection
as I call it new "Friend of Foe" system: This basically makes the bot time his skills a bit more.. For instance stuns and slows will be available for relic carriers if this and that and so on.
Hard bots: Lower cooldown on all their skills and increases capasity to alot of functionailities.

Something funny I found from my computer:
When DS was still under development I tried to create "Boss fights" Some ppl might remember this ?Tongue It's based on couple different maps and I have some weird scripts for bosses already, might just try it at the ETA also - Not gonna work on this!
11  Dawnspire / General Discussion / Re: Restarting development of Dawnspire (?) on: May 28, 2010, 21:11:47 PM
The AI scripts are available Tongue Im setting them up to clientside when I move to my own apartment and get my internet connectio back the next week Tongue

Dont be so hasty !^^ And Im just trying to compile the files of DS to UDK .. which I know nothing about. It's just drag and drop styled stuff..
12  Dawnspire / General Discussion / Re: Restarting development of Dawnspire (?) on: May 27, 2010, 17:28:16 PM
mm... been trying to complite the cores for couple hours now.. I'm appearantly missing some tools .. annnd.. devices.. aanndd.. something... I'm so clueless about Engines and compiling stuff into them Tongue All help is welcome! ^^'
13  Dawnspire / General Discussion / Re: Restarting development of Dawnspire (?) on: May 27, 2010, 15:17:02 PM
Appearantly you misunderstood me Smiley

I ment, if we manage to compile the core and set it up. Are we allowed to receive donations from others to maintain possibly dedicated servers hosted by "professional hosts" while using their core ?
14  Dawnspire / General Discussion / Re: Restarting development of Dawnspire (?) on: May 27, 2010, 14:33:09 PM
Okej, I'm currently downloading the tools of UDK and Devs-c++ program...

Ill see if I can complite the core just from the models we have.. we'll see

Could someone please read this carefully ? Sparrisen ? Tongue

If we would manage to compile the core into this Engine, are we allowed to profit from it at all ?
15  Dawnspire / General Discussion / Re: Restarting development of Dawnspire (?) on: May 27, 2010, 14:29:33 PM
Thank you very much for such a fast answer.

Well, I'm ready to start importing the models into a new engine.. I do not have a problem with that.

Altho, this is a new subject to me. I have never worked with Engines befor, really :|
Is someone able to explain to me quickly how it's done or just link a guide. Too busy to search for a good one currently.
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