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 on: March 17, 2013, 15:09:05 PM 
Started by Oynamak - Last post by Nightmare
TIL there's a spam limit in the shoutbox.

 on: March 16, 2013, 12:24:12 PM 
Started by Oynamak - Last post by Oynamak
Hey dudes

could someone with the power to do so fix the history? its not working since a while

Not able to spamm more than what the shoutbox allows us to :-(

we wanna share thoughts stories and nonsense whenever we want and how long we want :- D

please someone take a look :-) regards

 on: March 06, 2013, 21:52:34 PM 
Started by Sparrisen - Last post by Sparrisen
When I felt lethargic and got a headache, and my nose clogged up yesterday, the THIRD time in a month I felt like shit, I was really really considering if something is seriously fucked up with me.

So I'm gonna start a little diary of my sicknesses and relevant information. Maby I can find some pattern here.
-I suspect that being stressed, and exposing myself to alot of pathogens work together to get me sick.

-I am a skinny bastard, and I usually eat lots of vegetables, so maby I don't get enough pure energy? I doubt this one though.

-I suspect exercise has little to none effect on how often I get sick.

-My general attitude towards being sick has been that as long as I actually CAN do the shit I wanna do, I give myself no extra rest or kudos. Sometimes I even push harder instead. I am now playing with the idea of taking it easy when I feel non-optimal.
This is since I got re-sick with some shit i thought I already defeated, following going out.

*Kissed 3 girls throughly

Clogged nose

8 slices of full corn toasts with mayo made of soy oil. E385 used as antioxidant.
4 cups of yoghurt 15% sugars.

2 hours of walking through the fucking rain

Stayed at home, played computer games in self masturbation. No meditation, some studying.

Symptoms (feeling better)
Clogged nose

2 cups of yohurt 15% sug
half head of lettuce
1 carrot
2 toasts with peanut butter
some chips




Syptoms (feeling worse)
Clogged runny nose

Shit food like chocolate



Runny stuck nose (getting better?)

Cereals with nutenriched milk
Pasta with omega3 enriched eggs, and mayo



Runny stuck nose, but definetely getting better
slimy cough

Action: none

Runny stuck nose, getting better

Pasta putanesco

Lump in my throat
Pain on swallowing
nose stuck again

Cereals with milk
4 cups of yoghurt
Soup with lightly boiled coliflower, I ate half a coliflower. seasoned with olive oil and eaten together with toast.

Exercise: 2 hour walk

Action none

lump in my throat feels better
nose still runny
I PROCLAIM MYSELF HEALTHY - because I've been fucking inactive for a week. I have given my body 3 more days than I would usually do to recover.
I'll see if this makes a differance.

I have pain in my throat, as i wake up this morning. Totally I think there might've been 2 days so far where i didn't have pain in my throat.

Yea, pain has moved to the right side from the left

 on: February 26, 2013, 16:37:38 PM 
Started by Sparrisen - Last post by Doombringer
as we know all quotes change over the time, but the content stays the same

so im a retarted motherfucker. :-)

 on: February 26, 2013, 08:56:34 AM 
Started by Sparrisen - Last post by Oynamak
so im a retarted motherfucker? :-)

 on: February 25, 2013, 17:39:13 PM 
Started by Sparrisen - Last post by Sparrisen
I noticed that we all say some gems some times. Even the most retarded motherfucker some times manages to sum up reality in such an amazing sentance, tbat you just go like "Yes. I want to remember these words. And I want to remember the person who said them."
It has happened to all my friends, no matter who. It seems we all carry wisdom within.

"if drugs solve your problem, it becomes your new problem"

"The moment you'd understand Jesus you'd become a Jesus yourself"

Oynamak - reflecting over weed, in a way i could never do, since i never tried it.

"[Today at 10:26:14] Oynamak: and not special is half true. stressed and unglad ppl could like it
[Today at 10:26:24] Oynamak: too much*
[Today at 10:27:01] Oynamak: its much easier to come down trough say smoke week than through a natural way. like do sports, meditate and stuff
[Today at 10:27:24] Oynamak: in long term thats the danger
[Today at 10:28:17] Oynamak: or one of them
[Today at 10:29:22] Oynamak: its like saying "ectasy is not a big deal. makes you happy and aroused
[Today at 10:32:03] Oynamak: its quite good to see it as harmless. but what starts harmless can get to a problem, u see
[Today at 10:32:32] Oynamak: all you need to do acutally is to make it harmless to YOU
[Today at 10:32:47] Oynamak: its not harmless as a drug, but its harmless due to your attitude towards it
[Today at 10:33:15] Oynamak: and that attitude that makes it harmless includes seeing it's dangerousness as well
[Today at 10:33:36] Oynamak: how could you possibly avoid a danger without knowing about it
[Today at 10:33:45] Oynamak: you will kinda, just run into it
[Today at 10:33:57] Oynamak: else you get naiv
[Today at 10:34:25] Oynamak: overestimate yourself and/or underrate the drug
[Today at 10:35:33] Oynamak: you should keep the balance, as it tends to tilts over to one or the other side
[Today at 10:35:56] Oynamak: the more time passes by"

 on: February 21, 2013, 08:12:30 AM 
Started by Kakemann - Last post by Nightmare
Damn that theorycrafting Cheesy

Now that I think of it though, it would probably be better to let people with lvl1 (or even up to 4) revive to revive their targets and then just kill them again. The amount of hp and mana/stamina they start with is so low that they're practically useless anyways. And the templar just spent 4-6 seconds not healing anyone.

Oh well.

 on: February 20, 2013, 18:44:35 PM 
Started by Kakemann - Last post by Smiskfisk
This thread was fun.

 on: February 10, 2013, 19:02:05 PM 
Started by Jokulan - Last post by PimpFather
My kids use the computer that the server program runs on, and they tend to shut it off. But I try to keep the server up as much as I can.  Smiley/Pimp

 on: February 10, 2013, 17:51:35 PM 
Started by Jokulan - Last post by Derped
Maybe this will help.

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