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Author Topic: Avatar  (Read 1182 times)
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« on: May 21, 2011, 01:29:37 AM »

Dunno if I said this before, but this is probably the best movie I have ever seen.

I saw it in copenhagen after a friend abandoned me, turned out I had to celebrate fucking new year on my own, and the day before I was like "fuck it, imma at least watch avatar"

I went around and felt like piss previously, and after the movie I got a nice revelation. Somewhat along the terms of "If life was easy, we'd all be superstars". Meaning, that you should actually be somewhat grateful when you have a thick wall of shit in front of you, because that means YOU, have the OPPORTUNITY to push THROUGH, where others would turn and run.

Anyhow, I have a theory of why I, and most people, to our core really liked Avatar.

1: It's beautiful
2: It's devoid of all the shit that we build up around us to protect us from everything, that in the end just makes us isolated. Walls, cars, television - whatever, like they said in fight club: they things you OWN end up owning YOU. In Pandora, it's just fucking free.
3: They have a beliefsystem, a faith, and an afterlife, that makes sense.

When they looked upon people returning from the concentraion camps in nazi germany, the ones that made progress, turned out to productive citizens and not pshychotic wrecks were the ones who felt A Feeling Of Coherence/Purpose (translated from swedish "Känsla Av Sammanhang")

Broken down this feeling of coherence consists of:
Handling, and
feeling purpose within your environment

*crying* "It's all going so fast!!* - a cry of despair for not understanding, and not being able to handle shit.

My impression is that most people don't feel they UNDERSTAND what's going on. They go though life like driving a car at night and all you can see is the 50 meters just right in front of you. They don't understand their own emotions, what they react to, how other people react and thus constantly get dissapointed when things don't reach their expectations.

Further more on being able to HANDLE their environment, I think, to most people, life just fucking happens.
Shit happens, and,
Life happens. Being able to actually DO WHAT YOU WANT, and not what other people expect of you, might be what some people pride themselves in doing, but few actually do.

A sense of PURPOSE. In a greater cosmic and spirtual perspective, I don't know what the fuck is going on. We all get shat out into this world, go through immensive pain and suffering, spiced with the occasional flavour of joy, we spend our time trying to figure out WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON, and once you finally seem to get a somewhat hang on things, your body gives up and you die.

You can look at it all, and say, that seems pretty fucking pointless. My personal goal is to see if I can't avoid dying all together in some way, not longing to reach that final destination, whatever it may be.
We are, most of us, spiritually lost.
Rev might not be, but he's constantly surrounded by people who thinks he's retarted for believing in what they claim to be fairy-tales, which would make most people doubt themselves at least, subconciously.

We DON'T KNOW what's going on
and We CAN'T SEE A POINT of it

I mean just look around you right now.


I'm sitting on a sofa made of a leathery plastic material. I don't know how the fuck they did that. I'm writing on a computer. I have NO FUCKING clue how this thing really works. It evolves electricity, which I don't really understand. There is actually not ONE THING that I could actually do, or understand how it's done around me. I can't make the clothes I wear. Heck, even the PEN I write with is unbelievibly complicated, made of some weird form of plastic, coming from oil pumped out of the sea in a big fucking rig, thousands of feet down, with a rubber on top - no clue how that's even manufactured, and even the thing inside that you actually write with.

I'm sitting in a big fucking "Huh" every day, and the only reason why I don't freak out, is that I try not to think about it. There's just too much shit going on, we have to trust eachother to all know our own little piece of the world good enough to go around, while we KNOW that the other people are all just fucking EGOISTICAL ASSHOLES who would trick us at any point if their benefit of it is enough. And deep down, we suspect that we might not be better than that ourselves.

And then avatar comes along, and it's a window to another place. It's a vision of all that our existance is NOT.

They believe in a god, consisting of all their souls, and it makes sense. You can measure it. You can make your voice heard today, by your long gone grand-grand mother.

It's free. There's no sheltering youself from the world. It's open and expansive around you. It is understandable. It's simple. It's beautiful.

It's the end of bullshit.

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If you wanna be a hero, create you own fairytale.

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