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Author Topic: What--?  (Read 24735 times)
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« on: January 10, 2013, 23:52:28 PM »

I was just looking through the archive here. I swear, 50% of the offtopic posts at least are by me.

But I don't write much anymore.

It feels like an old lover you're comfortable with but you're no longer passionate enough anymore to make an effort. I've been writing about the daily fucked up shit and whatever, the "Wow..." of life and right now... It feels like I've figured shit out.

Basically, I figured out how to tackle life, and now I'm at work with the practise. But the thinking I know shit... it takes away the passion. Most things I see now fall inside my already established view of how shit works.
And the WOW experiences I DO get is so deep in my nerdy area that I don't even know if you would relate to it.
I will make an example, today:

I met a dude today in my hostel. Rather nice bloke he took his shoes off in the kitchen and this shit smelled like fuuuuuck...
-I didn't react on it though, through politeness. (In hindsight, next time I will react.)
After a while he said. "Dude, my feet smells like shiiit, can you smell it" and I was like,
"Yes--- they smell really shitty..."
But he didn't remove his feet, wash them or anything. We talked onwards.

We got to know eachother pretty well, we were vibing nicely.

After a while he went up to go to our room, but he thought he lost his keycard.
"Hey... do you have the... do you have the card to our room?"
I was like.
"Yea, sure mate."
And then he was asking me:
"Do I have the key on me?" And this question was not just a question. He was saying it with a snide smile, demanding an answer - which of course I didn't have. By saying this question he was actually fucking with me in some weird way. It didn't make sense to ask me this question.
"Do I have the key on me?" - again
"fuck if I know" - I said.


Now I believe this is part of a male upbringing that I MISSED. This is the beginning of playfighting, testing eachother, talking shit about one another TO one-another. It's something I never did. Just like my dad, I like things smooth.
If someone has smelly feet my first reaction is not to test, talk shit, or whatever - about it, it's to act in a way so the other person is not embarrassed.

To act polite.

But politeness is the OPPOSITE of REALLY getting to know someone. It is actually the killer.

He was giving me a chance, to NOT be polite, by NOT being polite. Then asking me a nonsensical question, demanding an answer, again seeking playful conflict.

Not seeking smoothness. Seeking conflict. Testing, playing, teasing.

This guy was not very alpha really, but I believe this is one trait a alpha male could have, and should at least be proficient with, i recognised this, and that I want to learn it - and that I should hang out more with this fucker.

Example of the WOW of the day.

If you wanna be a hero, create you own fairytale.

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« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2013, 09:21:57 AM »

And then you had sex.
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« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2013, 16:47:38 PM »

I lol'd.

But really, polite is something you are with strangers. When you're at embassies, when you meet business associates. Being polite is, in a way, not socialising.

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« Reply #3 on: January 11, 2013, 18:52:02 PM »

You could've reacted in a self amusing way too but still make clear it smells. Like, just react. You cant care less - when I'm like amusing myself and being direct and sarcastic, some people say I'm bold while it makes me smile tho cuz it was actually funny to me and not meant to provoke or something.

I think you can be smooth and seek conflict at the same time.

And politeness. Went out at 6 o clock for school, still tired and my neighbor was shoveling the snow. He said "good morning", I said "morning" and he didn't hear it. And he was like, in a really nasty tone saying "cant even greet , very polite". Almost shouting, had a hard time not reacting to that and shout the shit ouf of him, to shovel his ideals into his butt if he's like that.

And just that, the way he reacted to that was just the opposite of polite and creating conflict, I just said "alright" and went on. So the dude actually EXPECTS ME to be polite and with just a tiny cause he cant be polite either.

Politeness is just the layer. So yes, you might get off that layer? I dont know.

Life is unique.
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