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Author Topic: Love  (Read 1009 times)
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« on: September 08, 2010, 05:43:39 AM »

This will be written from the perspective I had while I had two girlfriends last year.

Alright, first off.

Let's assume the following statement:
There are levels of girls. That is, there's the hot girl, the medium one, and the fat one. Some guys go "THAT'S A 10!", some guys go, "that's a YUCK". Some have a numerical system, some a verbal one, whatever. Point is, the 10 will demand more of you.


Not, because she's got big boobs. This has nothing to do with it. Her physical appearance is irrelevant, but what IS important, is the VALIDATION she gets from her physical appearance. So if a hot chick thinks she's the fucking shit, she will treat you with more disdain than a yuck one (generally), simply because she has the choice.

Her level of external validation constantly creates a strong reality where she's the fucking shit

So how about dudes. How do we measure ourselves in this. Am I a 5? A 9? A 0?
Ask yourself, what level of girl, do you deserve:
"A 10!!!!"
FUCK THAT, ask en EARNEST. Which girl wouldn't you be filled with anxiety around. Which girl wouldn't give a fuck about what kind of bullshit exited your mouth when you spoke. Ask yourself. What number feels right?
This is probably your number.
And MOST LIKELY, it's your number, BECAUSE IT FEELS RIGHT. Because that's your honest estimation of what you deserve. If you deep down feel you don't deserve a girl, it will be an uphill battle, PERIOD.

GOOD FUCKING DUDES, build this internally. It's called confidence, and it's what girls are attracted to. If you want a 10, you need 10 in confidence.

You can get confidence EXTERNALLY, so that you SWIM IN PUSSY, if you're say, a rockstar. But that means, your emotions are based on external factors which are not under your control, and that means periodically, you'll feel like fucking SHIT, when that hot chick dissed you or whatever. Hence drugs and whatever external confidence booster.

ANYWAY, as I had two girlfriends,
one was like a 6 in looks, and like 0 in confidence despite that. She was LOOONGING for validation. Like a black hole. I could make her do whatever. She gave herself to me in a way that was so beautiful. IF WAS AN ASS, I COULD HAVE FUCKED HER UP SO HARD. She wasn't a seperate being. She was mine. I OWNED her. I say "come". And she comes. She apologized that she couldn't swallow my cum, but she worked at it.

Anyhow, I totally rocked her world, and she loved me more than she loved herself. I think that's beautiful, to give yourself up like that, it takes SUPREME TRUST, I would never do that, but I would protect her through whatever, thanks to that. If she's a part of ME, then of COURSE I treat her good. She's a part of me, and I treat myself good. I treat her no worse.

The other was like 7 in looks and like 7 in confidence. She was a total slut. She had fake red hair, which I adore. She was smart, confident, creative, and whatever. Basically, how hard is it to be smart or creative, if you're confident. It just happens. She was also the worst sex I've ever had, and the winner of the "Best Kiss Awards".

She CONSTANLY tested me. SHE FUCKING WORE ME DOWN. Insulted me, blew me off, whatever. She chipped away at my confidence until I was no longer at her level. I realized then, that I loved her. And when she realized I was more attracted to her, than she was to me (I managed to hide this for a while), I lost her.

It looked like this basically

(0)   girl LOVES ->
(6.5)Me LOVES ->
(7)   girl

I BELIEVE: Love sets in, when it's regarding a person you VALUE. You miss a person, with heartache, if she was at your level, or above.
I do not miss the 0 girl. I would like to have developed our sexlife even further, for mutual benefit, and her submissiveness was PERFECT for this, something I miss.
I do miss the 7- girl though.

Realizing this, I also realize that, LOVE is also shit. It's a shit feeling. It will ALSO mess you up in the long run.


If you wanna be a hero, create you own fairytale.

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